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May 2014: Westview Optometry Summer Promotions

30% Off Second Pair

Buy two pairs of glasses and receive 30% off the second pair! The second pair could be sunglasses, computer glasses, TV glasses, sport glasses, safety glasses or just a different fashion look!

20% Off Non Prescription Sunglasses w/ contact lens fitting & annual supply of lenses

30% Off Complete set of Eyeglasses w/ contact lens fitting and annual supply of lenses

Manufacturer Rebates on Contact Lenses

April 2014: Dr. Wang attended the Vision By Design Continue Education Meeting, an International Meeting for

Orthokeratology - Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens worn at night to control myopia progression in children:



Dr. Wang is a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology:



January 22, 2014: Westview Optometry offers CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy)  

Dr. Wang has extensive experience in complex contact lens fitting and is a Certified Paragon CRT Practitioner.     CRT allows patients to enjoy clear vision throughout the day without glasses or contact lens, ideal for children and athletes. Also clinical data shows that CRT is among the few vision correction options which contribute to slowing down the progression of myopia in children. Please call our office at 858-324-0089 to learn more about CRT and enjoy our low introductory rate.

Following is the official Paragon CRT practitioner link:  http://www.paragoncrt.com/consumers/master_search.asp?ID=34719&AltID=0     

Dec 23, 2013: Westview Optometry offers holiday discounts to customers

To celebrate Christmas and our grand opening, Westview Optometry now offers 50% discount for 2nd pair glasses (including Ray ban, O&X, Flexon, Lego and more), and 10% discount for annual supply of contact lens. We also have Referral Reward Program. For referring a new patient to our office, you will get a $5 Target gift card. Please call our office for details.

Dec 16, 2013: Westview Optometry grand opening

Dr. Dorothy Wang and Westview Optometry staff members celebrated its grand opening on Dec 16, 2013. Guests from UCSD, private eye institutes, representatives from brand name eyecare companies and local news joined the opening day ceremony. Westview Optometry provides high standard and quality eyecare services to local communities and residences. Particularly, Westview Optometry will donate part of its profits to local schools including Westview High School, Mesa Verde Middle School and Deer Canyon Elementary School. Details will be available in January 2014.

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